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The Amplifier is the Psi Fighter's weapon of choice. It amplifies thoughts that way a music amplifier boosts the sound level of an electric instrument. Psi Fighters use their amplifiers to create Mental Arts Weapons in battle.

Neuron — That's the name Andy gave to the Creation Engine behind his Psionic Powered toys. Neuron is the most powerful supercomputer in existence. It makes the Sunway TaihuLight look like a flip phone. Secret entrances to the Psi Fighter Academy, Amplifiers that channel the Psi Fighter's mental energy, and Psi powered vehicles and gadgets are created and tested in Neuron before Andy rolls out prototypes.

Shimmer Mode allows the Psi Fighter to disappear. The way Rinnie explains it, "You know when you're around a really annoying person, how you can sort of tune them out? That's how Shimmer Mode works. You're not really invisible, but people don't notice you. Whoosh, gone." Sound complex? Try hearing Andy's explanation.

The Andymobile is Andy's version of what the Batmobile should have been. Powered by pure, environmentally friendly psionic energy, the AndyMobile will never have a nuclear core meltdown endangering an entire city with radioactive waste. Batman wishes he had one.

The Psi Fighters have secret entrances to the underground Academy all over town. This is the Mausoleum where Rinnie first spied on Norman LaReau. The name on the tomb has been changed because, well, duh, it's supposed to be a secret entrance. Oh, and it doesn't really have the Psi Fighter logo on it. That would sort of defeat the purpose of being secret, right?

Second stall to the right and straight on til morning. Yes, this is the infamous secret entrance to the Psi Fighter Academy that lies in the bathroom of the Greensburg Library. This is obviously a view of the mine shaft leading down to the Academy, not the toilet you have to sit on to get there.

This is the Training Room, where Rinnie spent ten years practicing her mad Psi Fighter Skills—mastery of Kung Fu, the Mental Arts, and a wide range of Mental Weapons—with the help of her Amplifier, of course.

The entrance to the Psi Fighter Academy, hundreds of feet beneath the city of Greensburg, hidden in the underground mines. This particular section of the mines, according to official record, does not exist.