Psi Another Day

Book 1 of the Psi Fighter Academy Series

There's a New Superhero in Town.

When Rinnie Noelle, Greensburg’s youngest masked crime-fighter, totally botches her first mission and lets a frightening kidnapper escape, she is reassigned to protect her high school from arch-nemesis Mason Draudimon, a bully who has picked on her since fifth grade. The thought bores her to death. She could easily dust the lockers with his face, which would be fun, but it would also give away the secret of her true identity.

Bad Guys Beware...

But the assignment becomes interesting when Rinnie discovers that the school has become a hunting ground, and she is the prey. The Walpurgis Knights, a mysterious group of supervillains, have dispatched an apprentice to find her. The good news is, he doesn’t know her true identity. The bad news is, she doesn’t know his, either. Rinnie immediately suspects that Mason is the unknown apprentice, and taking him down becomes her second mission, which she vows to complete successfully.

Cause I Will Take You Out!

Aided by an oddly shaped, politically imperfect band of outcasts who call themselves the Dweeb League, Rinnie searches the high school for clues that will prove whether Mason is the elusive apprentice. In an unpredictable game of deception, she learns that the Walpurgis Knights, the kidnapper, and Mason are all tied irrevocably to Nicolaitan, the man who murdered her parents. Rinnie takes her Mental Arts skills to their limits in her first battle against the evil Walpurgis Knights.

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Psi Fighter Academy

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Psi Fighter Mental Arts Weapons

The Mental Arts are used by Psi Fighters to create weapons from their thoughts and emotions. Each Psi Weapon is unique. Some disrupt the opponent’s perception. Others affect their memory or distort their reasoning. All tug at emotion in one form or another.