Psi Fighter Academy

Top Secret Training Facility

Psi Fighters

The Psi Fighters are a secret society of protectors. They have taken on covert missions against dictators, evil organizations, and crime lords. But the Walpurgis Knights are their fiercest enemy. The Psi Fighters operate from the Psi Fighter Academy, a training complex hidden hundreds of feet beneath the city of Greensburg, in the abandoned mines.

Psi Fighter Mental Arts Weapons

The Mental Arts are used by Psi Fighters to create weapons from their thoughts and emotions. Each Psi Weapon is unique. Some disrupt the opponent’s perception. Others affect their memory or distort their reasoning. All tug at emotion in one form or another.

Check out Andy's map of secret entrances to the Psi Fighter Academy.

Located hundreds of feet below the city in the abandoned mines of Greensburg, the Psi Fighter Academy is the training grounds and secret headquarters of the Psi Fighters. The Academy is an amazing catacomb of tunnels and renovated rooms in an area of the old mines that, according to official record, doesn’t exist. With secret entrances all around the city, the Psi Fighters can move freely without being seen. Andy built them all, and it shows. The one hidden in the Greensburg Library is in the bathroom. He converted a toilet into an elevator. Zoom and pan to find the secret entrance locations, Sinclair Park (St. Clair Park), Greensburg High School (Greenburg-Salem High School) and the Greensburg Library (Greensburg Hempfield Area Library).