The Psi Who Loved Me

Book 3 of the Psi Fighter Academy Series
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Time to Rescue the Psi Fighters

Nicolaitan finally has the bait he needs to bring sixteen-year-old Psi Fighter Rinnie Noelle into his evil clutches. He has captured Andy, Rinnie’s beloved mentor, and the Kilodan, leader of the Psi Fighters. She has twenty-four hours to show herself, or Nicolaitan will murder them and hang their bodies from the Courthouse flagpole.

Rinnie is forced to take on the most desperate mission of her life, so desperate that she has to trust Phobos, a Walpurgis Knight personally trained by Nicolaitan, with the Psi Fighter’s most guarded secrets. Worse yet, she is about to lead her closest friends on a mission they may not survive.

In the final chapter of the Walpurgis Knights saga, Rinnie and her friends set out to find Camelot, Nicolaitan’s hidden lair, and rescue the captured Psi Fighters. She vows to bring Andy and the Kilodan back alive, or not return at all.

Main Characters

Psi Fighter Academy

Top Secret Training Facility

Psi Fighter Mental Arts Weapons

The Mental Arts are used by Psi Fighters to create weapons from their thoughts and emotions. Each Psi Weapon is unique. Some disrupt the opponent’s perception. Others affect their memory or distort their reasoning. All tug at emotion in one form or another.